Honorable Mention - Trisha Anderson  "Sound of Madness"
Honorable Mention - John Simmons  "Bird House"
Honorable Mention - Sunti Bunjaroen  "Secret Garden"
Honorable Mention - Jacob Thompson  "Hold the Fort"
Honorable Mention - Kaiimi Suyen Killock  "Autumn River"
Honorable Mention - Kendall Mack "Fjordland Penguin"
Honorable Mention - Lexie Cardens  "The Gift"
Honorable Mention - Daphne Redmond "Sugar Jar"
Area Award video/film - Jacob Dreyer "One Wrong Turn"
Area Award photography - Emory Woodward "Untitled"
Area Award illustration - Grey Edmonson "Isn't that Why?"
Area Award digital graphics - Jenna Greenwood "zZz"
Area Award animation - Sierra Houskeeper "Frankie"
Area Award drawing - Abigail Chechel "Castiel (Supernatural)"
Area Award jewelry/ metals - Ali Miller "Elemental"
Area Award ceramics - Kurt Lewandowski "Bummer"
Area Award painting - Jeffrey Glass "Grommet Ponders Descending the Stairs"
Third Place - Kess Lacounte "Untitled"
Second Place - Hannah Hart "At Peace"
First Place - Steve Mysinger "Big Fish"
Best of Show - Cally Breshaw "Animorph"